RISL╬▒╬▓ investigates decision making processes under risk and over time,
conducting both scientific research and providing advise and consultancy
services to policy makes, nongovernmental organisations, and companies.

The two-fold goal is to obtain a better understanding of decision being made in
complex situations involving risk and time delays, and to leverage insights on
such behaviour for the design of improved processes, policies, and products.

These goals are pursued through a variety of methods, including the analysis of
existing data, the elicitation of individual preferences and beliefs, questionnaire
studies, and randomised controlled trials.

Insights from individual-level analysis
are often used to inform interventions, which are in turn tested in randomised
controlled trials in the field using state-of-the-art methods

Decision advise and design of processes/interventions:
– The execution of field studies to understand and guide behaviour
– Analysis of existing data to understand decision-making processes
– Consulting on process/policy designs